(Photo: Travis Harrison)

With their latest single, Brooklyn indie trio Lame Drivers want you know to know they’re done playing the “Winners Game” of social media. “I’m not trying to be a conqueror,” rasps frontman Jason Sigal over his surfy guitar riffs.

But can a DIY band get people to their shows—like tonight’s at Coney Island Baby—if they stop searching for likes?

Pulling inspiration from bands like The Gizmos and the late-’00s sound of Brooklyn punk band Cause Co-Motion!, “Winners Game” opens with Joe Posner’s enticing bass and Jeff Wood’s snappy drums. Sigal says the song “comes from thinking out how social networks restructure society and modify our behavior.” Although the band has made lifelong friends via social media, they find it disappointing that the number of likes you get are essential to feeling “like a winner.”

(Photo: Jesse Renee Hopkins)

Not that Lame Drivers—which, as of this writing, have clocked 1,007 tweets and 334 followers— is giving up social media.  “We still have accounts as individuals and as a band, we are just grappling with these issues like everyone else,” Sigal clarifies. “So the song imagines quitting Twitter by posting on Twitter, and it’s really upfront, like a tweet.”

Sigal also explains that the song is meant to call out the other winners in the social media game, corporations that own and sell personal data to advertisers for financial gain. “I want to believe that good things rise to the top when they are networked, but negative things rise faster,” says Sigal.

Check out “Winners Game” above. Oh, and follow Lame Drivers on Facebook and Twitter.