SantaCon hits Manhattan on Dec. 8. While some bars– like the Continental, closing Dec. 14– are letting costumers know “WE LOVE SANTACON!”, other New Yorkers are preparing for the worst. NJ Transit, Metro North, and the LIRR have issued bans on train booze, and New York City Council speaker Corey Johnson has issued a call, albeit only on Twitter, to “BAN OUTLAW QUARANTINE” the annual invasion of Douchey Ol’ St. Nicks.

If you’ve seen our photos from previous years, you already know the East Village is going to get hit hard by the Red Menace, even though one of the crawl’s official rules is “Don’t fuck with NYC.” Now the organizers have confirmed it with a list of official participants that’s heavy on East Village drink dens.

Here, via SantaCon’s website, is where to either avoid or flock to, depending on whether your favorite director is Wes Anderson or Michael Bay.

100 3rd Ave. @ 13th St.

120 E 15th St.

232 E 9th st
12p – 9p

Central Bar
109 E 9th st
11a – 7p

242 E 10th St
11a – 8p

Crocodile Lounge
325 E 14th St
11a – 7p

Doc Holliday’s
141 Ave A
12p – 7p

221 2nd Ave
11a – 7p

The Continental
25 3rd Ave
11a – 8p

Coyote Ugly
153 1st Avenue
11a – 7p

Juke Bar
196 2nd Ave
11a -8p

Vazacs Horseshoe Bar
108 Avenue B
12p – 7p

Professor Thom’s
219 2nd Ave
11a – 8p

Pheonix Bar
447 E. 13th st
11a – 7p

Nowhere Bar
322 E. 14th st
11a – 7p

Naturally, SantaCon’s detractors are humbugging hard on Twitter: