Maybe you think you can be Joey Ramone for Halloween just by slapping on some sunglasses, jeans and a leather jacket, but a) you’re going to have to lose about 100 pounds to pull it off, and b) are you sure you know the correct lyrics to “Blitzkrieg Bob”? Leave it the rock-n-roll reenactment to the professionals at these Halloween cover shows.

Saturday, Oct. 27

H0use sh0w (haunted edition)
Oct. 27, 4pm-2am at Hartstop, 538 Hart St., Bushwick; $5.
Luke Carr, who performs as Wolf Diamond, has a song titled “Halloween,” so you know you’re in good hands. For this event produced by Bushwick DIY collective Hartstop he’ll try to mimic the boyish style of outsider singer-songwriter Daniel Johnston while Shadow Monster will try to do justice to another famously troubled and haunting singer-songwriter, Elliott Smith. On the lighter side, there’s Shadow Year as No Doubt, Toyzanne as The B-52’s, and Irrevery as Cyndi Lauper. Other bands will pay tribute to Grace Jones and Rae Sremmurd.

Halloween Cover Show
Oct. 27, 8pm to midnight, at Sunnyvale, 1031 Grand St., East Williamsburg; $12.26.
Sure, Shadow Year is also doing No Doubt at the Hartstop show on the same night, and CUP ba_nd WOW doesn’t have an exclusive on The Cramps, given Bowery Electric’s tribute on Oct. 30. But this show has some other things going for it, including Harms as alt metal band Deftones and members of Gesserit, Nice Knife, and Gustaf as AC/DC. For those about to squeeze into Angus Young shorts, we salute you.

Halloween Rockathon!
Oct. 27, 8pm, at Trans-Pecos, 915 Wyckoff Ave., Ridgewood; $10.
It takes guts to cover Nirvana, but Nick Cianci describes himself as a “NYC based singer-songwriter in the vein of Zack Mooneyham, Drake Bell, and David Lee Roth”; if he has Diamond Dave’s range and a moth-eaten cardigan, he should be fine doing Kurt. Rounding out the bill is another ’90s throwback, Talullah Ruff as PJ Harvey (she posted the above rehearsal footage), plus some standbys: Stello as The Beatles and Babies’ Babies as June Carter & Johnny Cash.

Invertebrate Halloween Show
Oct. 27, 7pm, The Kingsland, 269 Norman Ave, Greenpoint; $12-15.
It’s R&B meets CBGBs at punk-friendly Greenpoint venue The Kingsland. On the R&B side, you’ve got The Misters as Drake, Huck as Stevie Wonder, Tabemono as Black Eyed Peas. On the CBGBs side, Vera Loe will be Blondie and “quiet grrrl” act Pom Pom Squad will be turning up the volume to be The Ramones. And right in between, I guess, is Jupie as Coldplay. Yes, Coldplay. Be very afraid.

Night of the Living Dead and The Lodge Live Scores
“Night of the Living Dead” on Oct 30, 6pm, Brooklyn Bowl, 61 Wythe Ave., Williamsburg; $10.
“The Lodge” on Oct. 31, 7:15pm, Nitehawk, Williamsburg; $16.
They’re not exactly a cover band, but it wouldn’t be Halloween with Morricone Youth, the band with a penchant for reimagining film scores. Their horror bonafides are such that they opened for Goblin, the band that soundtracked Italian horror legend Dario Argento’s films. This year they’ll perform an original live score alongside a screening of George Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead; the next night they’ll perform their own score of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1927 silent movie The Lodge.

Sunday, Oct. 28

Halloween Cover Band Bash
Oct. 28, 7pm, at Our Wicked Lady, 153 Morgan Ave., East Williamsburg; $8.
If you miss Shadow Monster’s Elliott Smith at Hartstop, they’ll be back in action at this party the next day, along with another duo, Miranda and the Beat, as The White Stripes. Sic Tic, which played Nirvana at Alphaville last year, will revive that act here. Rounding things out are D. Light & Easy Dreams as Devo (a band that was covered by the real Nirvana) and Flying Dead as The Stooges.

Monday, Oct. 30

Free Cover Show
Oct. 30, 8pm, at Alphaville, 140 Wilson Ave., Bushwick; free.
This one’s for the brooders and fans of the ’70s Los Angeles punk scene. Representing the latter category are X as performed by Shop Talk, and The Go-Go’s as performed by Cici Fields and members of Red Wedding, Miserable Chillers, and Hellrazor. On the other side of the spectrum are Weeknight as Gary Numan, Looms as Radiohead, and Incredibly Elderly as Mazzy Star.

The Cramps Pre-Halloween Bash
Oct. 30, 8pm, Bowery Electric, 327 Bowery, East Village; $15-$20.
Aside from maybe GWAR (playing Irving Plaza on Halloween), it’s hard to imagine a more Halloween-appropriate band than The Cramps. Which is why every year Bowery Electric’s monthly Sally Can’t Dance party pays tribute to Lux Interior and the gang. This installment will feature DJ Jonathan Toubin; the venue’s owner, musician Jesse Malin; Eugene Hutzagova of Gogol Bordello; Miss Guy of the Toilet Boys; and bands like The Bobby Lees and Beechwood. Get in the mood by playing Nightclubbing’s footage of The Cramps in 1979, above.