(Courtesy of MoPi)

The evolution of pizza goes as follows: it was made, it was popularized, it was sloppified, it was morphed into thin and thick slices, and, now, it’s being made into art.

Sure, some might argue the late-night slice has been art all along, but a pop-up museum in Greenpoint is making it official.

The Museum of Pizza (MoPi) opened this weekend and it’s got everything you might not ever think exists, including a pizza historian.


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Say cheese

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For two weeks the spot at The William Vale hotel will be open to the public and it plans to delve deep into a variety of saucy material, including performances and immersive experiences.

“It’s art with a pizza element,” said Alexandra Serio, chief content officer at Nameless Network, the Brooklyn-based company that created the pop-up. She said the idea for it came from the public’s perception of pizza itself. It’s pop culture and evolves, but it never really needs an explanation more than from what it’s made.

(Courtesy of MoPi)

There’s a take on the famous painting, “Birth of Venus,” picturing the woman sprouting from a pizza box with a slice of pepperoni in hand — every female’s fantasy.

There’s modern and fine art inspired by pizza, which, in 2018, makes the most sense out of everything this year that’s happened. There are also cheese caves.

After going through the museum, viewers go to heaven — pizza heaven. Spectators get a free slice from Williamsburg Pizza inside; a noble act, as it would be torture gawking at pizza for hours and not getting a slice.

Speaking of heaven, there’s a room dedicated to the ever-so-rare-in-New-York Hidden Valley, the nectar of all things good. Hidden Valley and Digiorno (which, in case you don’t know, is most certainly not delivery) are among the many sponsors of the event.

It’s like the group responsible took all the ideas of someone who is extremely high, extremely hungry and yet extremely artistic, and made them into a real life thing. Installations by the following artists are featured: Optical Animal, Signe Pierce, Emma Stern, Devin Troy Strother, Yuri Ogita, ShawnaX, Pinky Weber. The artwork is curated by Rj Supa.

(Courtesy of MoPi)

Various cultures and their takes on pizza will be highlighted throughout the space. Additionally, there’s a “pizza beach” created by papier-mâché provocateur Adam Green:

“Everyone loves the food and everyone has favorite moments with it,” Serio said. A notion that is evident, seeing as more than 5,000 people attended opening weekend, Serio said.


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We had a pizza-tively great time at the Museum of Pizza #mopi

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The hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. And, fair warning, the museum will be very, very cheesy. Tickets are $35, but like a hot pie freshly placed before a table of football players, they’re going quick.