(Photos courtesy of HarperCollins)

If you’ve ever Airbnbed a yurt in West Philadelphia or run out of TP at a teepee motel, boy do we have the book for you. It’s called Blanket Fort: Growing Up Is Optional, and it’s described by its publisher as a DIY primer on “artisanal blanket tents.”

As avid campers with an “epic backyard garden” in Brooklyn, novelist Nathaniel Kressen and his wife, illustrator Jessie T. Kressen— collectively known as Grackle + Pigeon– consider blanket forts to be “the pinnacle of all things awesome.” Or so they say in the introduction of their book showing how to create some 25 blanket forts without breaking the bank. That’s right, unlike those pricy REI tents, these are totally aFORTable. (Ok, I’ll stop.)

Is Blanket Fort the most twee thing to have been written since Marc Spitz’s Twee? You might want to go to the “immersive book launch” at Powerhouse Arena (Oct. 7) to find out; it’ll feature a “fort installation unlike you’ve seen before.”

For those of you who haven’t seen many fort installations in your time, the 112-page photo book offers breezy instructions on how to create a “book cave” for your personal library and how to fashion a “writing cave” with a Tom Hanks-worthy vintage typewriter as its centerpiece. If you’re sensing a literary bent here, it might be because Nathaniel Kressen leads the Greenpoint Writers Group. But rest assured there are also instructions on creating a child’s tent out of four broom handles and some gingham tablecloths, and giving your bed an “Urban Mystic” canopy (“pair with a dreamcatcher and drift, drift, drift into hibernation”). There’s even a David Bowie-themed fort (“Ground Control”), because obviously.

What? You’ve never thought about “draping silk and satin and tassels around your room until it feels like a basement speakeasy”? Do you even fort, bro? Rest assured that in addition to the yoga fort, there’s a makeshift “man cave” as well as an “RPG OMG” fort fit for throwback video games.

While it’s hard to disagree with the authors that “bed cuddles are awesome,” it has to be said that tents aren’t always cute and romantic, given that so many Americans find themselves living in them. But tent-city dwellers aren’t really Grackle + Pigeon’s audience. Blanket Fort is addressed to “adventurous young spirits ready to take the world by storm”; the kind who think “adulting is hard” and want to live in a word where “there are no deliverables and no deadlines.”

If that sounds like you, then consider yourself FORTunate.