What a gas!

The posters around Williamsburg mimicked an ad campaign for Old Blue Last, the beer launched by Vice in 2016. But instead of advertising “Beer for Drinking” they touted Old Blue Fart: Beer for Farting. And they directed passersby to Vice’s nearby offices for a free can. Which isn’t as crazy as it sounds; the stuff is on tap there. But let’s clear the air: Vice hadn’t caught wind of the posters, so its employees had no idea over 100 people were going to show up on Monday, looking to get a buzz on.

Instead of putting up a stink, Vice decided to turn the parody into a party. On Friday, Aug. 10, from 6pm to 10pm, they’ll throw a rager at Villain where there will indeed be free beer and mescal. According to the invite, the party (free with RSVP) will be “even better for farting.” How cheeky!

But the question remains: Who put up the posters? A disgruntled employee? A Ron English-esque ad hacker? Those people who tried to levitate Vice’s offices? Nobody seems to know. But just like they wanted to hire the “Vice Is Hip” tweeter, we’re told Vice is looking to host the mystery mocker as a guest of honor at the party. That should prove they still have a sense of humor and aren’t a bunch of old farts.


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