From Google Maps.

Look at the corner of Broome and Orchard on Google Maps and you might think that the Lower East Side is gentrifying far more rapidly than you imagined. The Street View images, taken in November of last year, show an Italian music store, a fish market, a cheese store, a grocery and a hardware store– none of which are there just months later. Should we blame Essex Crossing, with its forthcoming Target?

Okay, take a deep breath. None of the businesses showed on Google Maps were ever really there. It’s all just window dressing for Martin Scorsese’s forthcoming mobster epic The Irishman, hilariously captured by Google’s cameras as it went up. (This snafu was brought to our attention by Frank Mastropolo, who took shots of the movie signage for B+B last year.) Safe to say this is going to confuse the hell out of New York newbies in future years: What’s the Little Italy Restoration Association doing on Orchard Street in the year 2017? What’s Umberto’s Clam House, a restaurant that has had three different locations, doing at a location that is none of them?

As bizarre as all of this is, the Street View from September of 2017, before everything got Scorsesified, is even better. Check out the scene outside of Catinca Tabacaru Gallery. Now this is the LES I know: