(Detail of photo posted by Andrew Goldston on Twitter)

For some time, the lore of Pizza Rat reigned supreme over the subways and streets of Manhattan. But this morning, a truly worthy competitor strolled into town, ready to take the crown. Meet: Croissant Squirrel.

Andrew Goldston, press secretary for Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer, tweeted a photo of the little rascal making off with the fluffy French delight at New York City Hall this morning.

Is the upgrade from dollar-slice pizza to puffy pastry a sign of the changing tides? Writer Megan Downey seems to think so.

However, it seems this is not the New York squirrel’s first foray into baked goods. The West Side Rag reported a Croissant Squirrel sighting back in 2015. Still, it remains to be seen whether the Croissant Squirrel can dethrone Pizza Rat as the city’s supreme urban pest, given the enduring myth of the cheesy rodent. Maybe give it some time.

In any case, if this sparked your interest in the bushy-tailed creature, feel free to check out this squirrel-filled history of the city, courtesy of our friends at New York.