Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s Roast Veggie Quinoa Bowl (Photo:

If you’ve never been able to awkwardly murmur your food order to a server in the dark while a movie is playing due to your dietary restrictions, soon you will have your time to shine. Indeed, Alamo Drafthouse will unveil a new vegan menu this Tuesday, so even those who refrain from animal product consumption can feel anxiety about whether or not they’re chewing too loudly during a crowded showing of A Quiet Place where no one seems to be eating anything crunchy but you.

Currently, the menu is set to include five hearty selections: crispy buffalo cauliflower with vegan ranch, two types of quinoa bowls, the buzzed-about Beyond Meat burger, and everyone’s favorite barrier to millennial homeownership, avocado toast. Prices range from $11-16 per dish. There were already a few smaller vegetarian options on Alamo’s menu, and the Southwestern tofu quinoa bowl was already available at their Downtown Brooklyn location. But this new menu, added because of “high demand,” marks an expansion of plant-based options for the movie theater.

The new Beyond Burger vegetarian burger patty option at The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. (Photo:

Swanky cinema eateries aren’t the only ones incorporating a wider degree of vegan and/or vegetarian options into their menu. Many standard burger joints, like Bareburger, now offer the plant-based, beef-esque Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger, though they’re usually several dollars more expensive than their more meaty options. Even fast food is doing it—White Castle has Impossible Burger sliders now, Taco Bell has a dedicated page on their site about eating vegan there, and even Kentucky Fried Chicken will begin a trial of a vegetarian option at locations in Ireland and the UK later this year.

Even if you still pledge allegiance to meat n’ dairy (to be clear, I still eat them, but have cut my meat consumption to a few times weekly), perhaps consider refraining every so often, as studies have shown animal products use significant amounts of water and create notable amounts of greenhouse gases. But then again, the world’s end seems to loom closer every day, so maybe it doesn’t matter what you do.

Alamo Drafthouse NYC is located at 445 Albee Square West.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Vegan Menu by BedfordandBowery on Scribd