JunXion founder Myk Tummolo (second from far left) at the finale of his 4th Anniversary party in Bushwick, 6/3/18 at 5am.

Fresh off their adventures at last week’s Elements Lakewood Fest, Bushwick’s JunXion crew celebrated their fourth anniversary on Saturday night with a party in four different locations, plus plenty of creatively designed buses. With help from fellow collectives OrijinsThe Battle for Mau Mau IslandAmbrosia ElixirsEcstatic DanceDOMLO, and BAE, JunXion’s founder Myk Tummolo led his organizers as the sun rose, partying until the morning.

Myk Tummolo (right) with co-organizer Brent Barker (second left) and a tubist (second right) from the L Train Brass band as they arrived to prep their party, 6/2/18 at 2pm.

Before the party started, I joined Myk as he, his crew, and the builders of the Badman Bus figured the best placement for the vehicle, which served as the Cookie Monster at last year’s Burning Man. It went towards the back of the lot with the DJ on top, and the music quickly followed. By 5 pm, it was a full-on dance party with plenty of sunshine.

Myk Tummolo with his crew as they set up their parking lot for the start of their party.

When Tycho K Dan’s Bluebyrd Bus arrived around six, guests quickly boarded as performers danced topside. Tycho’s first two stops were Ambrosia Elixirs, where tonics were sold by manager Rebecca Antsis while music was spun by BAE’s Steffi Min, and the House of Words, where cocktails were served atop of roof to the tunes of a live band. The ambiance of the rooftop was created by host Lindsay Arden Cooper, whose pop-up lounge I visited last year. Sipping my drink from the same crystal my parents had bought in the 1970s, I looked over to a view of nearby Woodhull Hospital which was built in that same era. It occurred to me that these two differently styled things from back then were now both equally considered gauche.

Badman Bus co-builder Ben Tamos (second right) with his fellow owners after parking their bus to be used at a DJ station.

The honking of a bus driven below by JunXion’s Brent Barker woke me from evening daydreams and I joined the guests as they descended from the roof to make our journey to the party’s last stop in Bushwick.  The party hit its height at 3 am when a downpour caused everyone to hit the dance floor at once to the music of Bushwick’s best. As dancers of every gender in various states of undress gyrated from a specially built platform, the body heat came down as fast as the crowd below could send it back up.

Myk Tummolo (top, fourth from left) with friends during his opening Dj set.

With dawn rising, the party finally wound down around 5am and Tummolo thanked his fans and friends. “I feel a beautiful sense of joy and gratefulness,” he said. “Like so many things [that] have been going for so many years, it’s the community showing itself. In the presence of greatness you see all your peers come in hearing the call.”

Long-time JunXion friend Adam Gibbons (bottom, left) with Myk and friends as the party started.

Guests in the parking lot.

Guests as they boarded the Blue Byrd bus to Ambrosia Elixirs and House of Words.

Interior panorama of the Blue Byrd driven by owner Tycho K Dan (far right).

DJ Steffi Min (top, third from left) as she spun for Ambrosia Elixirs’ leg of the party.

JunXion organizer Lindsay Arden Cooper (left) with her 9-week-old kitten as she hosted the rooftop House of Words leg of the party.

JunXion organizer Brent Barker (top) with DJ Matt Sebastian (bottom) as he picked up passengers at House of Words en route to the The Battle of Mau Mau Island party.

Guests during The Battle of Mau Mau’s leg of the party.

Guests in the bridge of the party.

The Battle of Mau Mau founder Orien McNeill (left) with Myk Tummolo (center) and DOMLO co-founder Ariel de Lion (right).

DJs Shakey and Illexxandra (first and third left) with Myk Tummolo (second left) at the party’s height, 6/3/18 at 3am.

Performers in the main room.

The DOMLO crew outside their art installation aboard Scumanci.

Artists Jackson Lin and Justin Case Riley (first and second left) with Riley’s custom necklaces.

Myk Tummolo (center) thanking his guests during the finale.

Guest as they departed the boat.

Myk Tummolo (top, center) with friends as they waited for cabs after the party.