While it’s not exactly a trip to the beach, the premiere music video from Brooklyn-based indie dream pop band And Lucky serves up a quaint DIY aquatic scene filled with painted fish, cardboard waves, and raining clouds made from those glittery foil fringe curtains you can get at party stores. And, to be clear, I love those curtain things.

And Lucky is relatively new to the scene; they released an album dramatically entitled “Murder. Disco. Passion.” across multiple music streaming platforms in November 2017, but this is their first music video. (Full disclosure: I attended NYU with some of the members of the band.)

Directed by Daisy Rosato, On + On draws inevitable Wes Anderson-type comparisons, what with the whimsical, self-aware aesthetics and the trendy young ensemble members clad in nautical primary colors. Musically, there’s a bit of a Dirty Projectors feel, with jangles of surf-rock here and there (appropriate, considering the ocean theme) intermingled with harmonies and electronic arpeggios. And Lucky member Nikolai Mishler tells us the song is about “isolation and not knowing how—but wanting to—move past a particular moment.”

If you’re interested in checking out the tunes of And Lucky live, they will be playing a show tonight at Mercury Lounge at 6:30 pm. Tickets are $10 and available here. Plus, the band often performs with live projections, so a music video isn’t the only place you’ll find their music paired with engaging imagery.