Earlier this month, the French Embassy revealed that its Films on the Green series would have a food theme this year, and now the producers of the Tribeca Film Festival have announced that their summer series will also be grub-minded. Tribeca Drive-In Presents Westfield Dinner & a Movie, as the outdoor flicks at Oculus Plaza are called, will kick off June 14 with a screening of La La Land. Because Ryan Gosling looks delicious, I guess. Actually, Tribeca is being rather liberal with the theme and including food-focused films like Chef, the feel-good comedy where John Favreau plays a food truck dreamer, along with films where mere “key scenes” involve chowing down. So, Lady in the Tramp qualifies for its spaghetti seduction scene and When Harry Met Sally qualifies for the “I’ll have what she’s having” incident at Katz’s. If that seems like a stretch, who cares: There’ll be food from Eataly, Epicerie Boulud, Choza Taqueria, and other Westfield World Trade Center vendors.

Here’s the schedule.

–      Thursday, 6/14:  La La Land

–      Friday, 6/15:  Chef

–      Saturday, 6/16:  The Princess and the Frog

–      Thursday, 7/12:  When Harry Met Sally

–      Friday, 7/13:  Moonstruck

–      Saturday, 7/14:  Lady and the Tramp  

–      Thursday, 8/9:  Mean Girls

–      Friday, 8/10:  Coming to America

–      Saturday, 8/11:  Elf

The films are free but RSVP here and get to Oculus Plaza, at the corner of Church and Dey Streets, well before the films start at 7:30pm in order to snag a seat.