(Credit: Colored Girls Hustle Marketplace)

Itching for a creative shopping experience that doesn’t involve spending hours in line—or online? Then make your way to the Colored Girls Hustle Marketplace this Saturday, June 2 between 12-8 pm at New Women Space in East Williamsburg. CGH Marketplace is a pop-up experience featuring an impressive lineup of products from women entrepreneurs and creatives of color.

Colored Girls Hustle (CGH) is a business founded by Taja Lindley, who designs and handcrafts—with some help from her best friend and creative collaborator Jessica Valoris—all the site’s merchandise, such as vibrant earrings with alluring geometric shapes and names like “Triple Threat.”

“I created Colored Girls Hustle at a time when I was craving creative self-expression,” Lindley tells us over email. “I was working at a job that felt really draining and making art, including earrings, [which] became an outlet for what I was feeling. I come from a family of women who are in the practice of honoring and celebrating their bodies through adornment.”

However, she wound up making far too many pieces for one individual to wear, so she sold them at her former job. Upon leaving that position, she began to more seriously parlay her artistic skills into a crafty (pun intended) business through CGH.

Lindley noticed women of color were one of the most rapidly growing groups of entrepreneurs, but realized they did not receive the same opportunities as their white counterparts. Therefore, an idea blossomed: the CGH Marketplace.

“The CGH Marketplace is an opportunity for women of color artists and entrepreneurs to shine while also offering opportunities for the public to support talented living artists who may often go overlooked or can’t afford the high-visibility craft shows that come with an expensive price tag,” she says.

All of the marketplace’s vendors—which range from tarot card readers to ice cream sellers inspired by their Caribbean roots—come highly recommended by Lindley, but in particular, she suggests keeping an eye on Obeah Woman Brewing Company and Selenia Beauty, known respectively for their Sorrel Kombucha and handmade vegan nail polish. A full list of vendors is available here.

The CHG Marketplace takes place Saturday, June 2 at New Women Space, and will re-emerge later this summer on Sunday, July 15 and Sunday, August 19.