On the brink of Donald Trump’s inauguration last year, Richard Prince caused a stir when he disavowed the portrait he had made for Ivanka Trump, one of his (in)famous Instagram-on-canvas works. At the time, it was uncertain if Prince’s disavowal really meant anything, since Ivanka reportedly declined to take back the $36,000 she had paid him and it’s possible the notoriously meta artist’s publicity-grabbing antics only raised the piece’s value. Now, however, Prince is putting his money where his mouth is; last night he raised $150,000 for an anti-Trump PAC by selling versions of his latest work, “18 & Stormy,” a composite of photos of Stormy Daniels and 18 women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct.

That sum is even more than the $130,000 porn actress Stormy Daniels was paid for her silence about an alleged affair with Trump. It’ll go toward the voter registration and education efforts of Downtown for Democracy, which uses art and cultural programming to “rally progressives to combat the Trump administration’s destructive and anti-democratic agenda,” according to its website.

“18 & Stormy” was unveiled last night at Karma Books in the East Village. Among the attendees who sipped Dark and Stormies (get it?) were actress Minnie Driver and previous Downtown for Democracy contributing artists Jonathan Horowitz, Katherine Bernhardt, and Marilyn Minter, who posed next to her plaque commemorating Trump’s infamous statement about grabbing women by the pussy.

Marilyn Minter at Karma Books tonight.

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Prince– whose Instagram series is either outright theft or “genius trolling,”  is best known to Sonic Youth fans for the art that adorns the cover of Sonic Nurse, as well as the lawsuit he got slapped with when he appropriated a photo of Kim Gordon. He previously experimented with composites when he blended together 57 of Jerry’s girlfriends on Seinfeld.

His latest piece is available as a $100 poster in an edition of 400. For an extra $400, you can get one with a signed DVD sticker— presumably a nod to Stormy’s oeuvre. If you really want a perpetual reminder of our president’s scuzziness hanging in your den, you can buy prints here. A 60″ x 48″ canvas one will be on display at Frieze New York this week, priced at an NDA-worthy $130,000.