First there was the British version of The Office. Then the American one. And now: a musical parody. Is this way too much of a good thing?

That’s what she said!

Yep, there’ll be an entire “That’s What She Said!” song when The Office! A Musical Parody! transforms a Times Square theater into Dundler Mifflin in September.

The puerile parody comes from Bob and Tobly McSmith, the comedic duo that first won our hearts by staging a raunchy Saved By the Bell musical in the East Village and went on to similarly skewer Full House, Showgirls, Friends, and Beverly Hills: 90210It’s being produced by Right-Angle Entertainment, which is also bringing a one-woman Sex and the City parody to New York in the fall.

Make no mistake: The Office! A Musical Parody! won’t be a faithful tribute along the lines of the Cruel Intentions musical. The Saved by the Bell musical was a Benny Hill-like parade of slapstick hormones and homoeroticism; when Screech et. al. needed to raise money to save the Max diner, their ideas ranged from prostitution to stripping to pornography.

F0r an idea of what to expect when Michael Scott and his “party-planning biatches” get similar treatment, have a look at the song list below. Tickets go on sale here in June.

  • Why is There a Camera Crew?
  • Welcome to Diversity Day
  • That’s What She Said!
  • Did I Stutter?
  • Goodbye Toby, You’re the Worsty
  • The Creed of Creed
  • WUPHF! (There It Is)
  • Marry Me, Beasley
  • Panic at the Café Disco!
  • Threat Level Mid Afternoon