(image via Wondershow / Eventbrite)

Wednesday, March 28 at Lot 45, 7 pm: $25

When you think of vaudeville, you may imagine charismatic and fast-talking magicians, jokesters, and other memorable figures circa hundreds of years ago. Though it had its heyday in the past, this type of vaudevillian evening is far from extinct, and you can find it tonight in the form of Wondershow, a night helmed by mentalist Eric Walton. In addition to mind-melting tricks from Walton himself, you can also see “elegant sleight of hand” from Alex Boyce, dancing from Jenny Rocha and Her Painted Ladies, and comedic experiences from Jonathan Burns and Harrison Greenbaum. Time Out called this show “professional mindfuckery,” so provided that’s what you’re into and consent is obtained, I assume you shall be in for a treat.


(image courtesy of Thomas Fricilone)

The Retellings: Heaven’s Gate
Thursday, March 29 at The PIT, 8:30 pm: $8

Being in a cult doesn’t seem very funny, seeing as they’re usually uh, traumatizing, but hearing about a cult you have no personal involvement in can very well elicit a chuckle or even two. Fortunately, you can do just that at The Retellings: Heaven’s Gate, a comedy show hosted by Thomas Fricilone where a gaggle of improvisers explain just what the heck is up with the UFO-loving religious group/cult Heaven’s Gate. The group, which began in 1974 and ended when 39 of their members experienced “graduation from the Human Evolutionary Level” in 1997 (i.e.: they partook in a mass suicide following the appearance of a comet), felt their time as human beings was inferior and temporary, and exiting to the extraterrestrial plane was their only valuable option. Seeing as the time of this show (8:30 pm) and its price ($8) suspiciously align, perhaps there’s something more cult-y going on here than just the content of the show… Think About It…


(image via Ars Nova)

The Lucky Ones
Now through April 21 at The Connelly Theater, 7 pm or 8 pm: $35+

This new musical from a team that includes notable names The Bengsons, Sonya Tayeh, Anne Kauffman, and Sarah Gancher is produced by Ars Nova, but those living far from the very west side of Hell’s Kitchen may be pleased to know this production takes places not at Ars Nova’s main space, but at The Connelly Theater downtown. But enough about geography. The Lucky Ones uses electro-folk music and personal experiences to tell a youthful story of love, longing, faith, and familial troubles, and does so with a passion and sincerity that’s welcome in an era where it’s all-too easy to be cynical about well, everything.


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Paid Protest
Saturday, March 31 at Verso Books, 7 pm: $10 suggested donation

“Comedy” and “good deeds” do not often go hand-in-hand. But, like many things, stand-up does in fact contain multitudes. This recurring comedy show, now taking place at DUMBO’s appropriately-socialist Verso Loft, serves up jokes aplenty while also raising money for the DSA. Now, if you’ve been on Twitter for even a moment, you may associate the DSA with online drama, but this show is offline. And as much as everyone wants to justify all the time they’ve spent posting, offline is where the real organizing happens. So, bring some cash to give to the DSA’s Service Industry Working Group and hear some good jokin’ from Myq Kaplan, Julia Shiplett, David Spector, Tanael Joachim, Lizzie Martinez, Pedro Gonzalez, and hosts Alex Ptak, Anders Lee, Kath Barbadoro, and Raghav Mehta.