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UFO Cults, Modern Vaudeville, and More Performance Picks


(image via Wondershow / Eventbrite)

Wednesday, March 28 at Lot 45, 7 pm: $25

When you think of vaudeville, you may imagine charismatic and fast-talking magicians, jokesters, and other memorable figures circa hundreds of years ago. Though it had its heyday in the past, this type of vaudevillian evening is far from extinct, and you can find it tonight in the form of Wondershow, a night helmed by mentalist Eric Walton. In addition to mind-melting tricks from Walton himself, you can also see “elegant sleight of hand” from Alex Boyce, dancing from Jenny Rocha and Her Painted Ladies, and comedic experiences from Jonathan Burns and Harrison Greenbaum. Time Out called this show “professional mindfuckery,” so provided that’s what you’re into and consent is obtained, I assume you shall be in for a treat. More →

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Inside LUST, a Sensual Party With Human Candelabras… and ‘Consent Guardians’

"Interactive human candelabra” hot wax sculpture. (Photo: Mindy Affriol)

“Interactive human candelabra” hot wax sculpture. (Photo: Mindy Affriol)

A woman whispers, “Can I lick the kiwi off your breast?”

Sarah-Elizabeth, a young model, nods enthusiastically and sighs in pleasure as her dinner guest mouths the green fruit and coats the side of her nipple with mint sauce.

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