Asia Gagnon’s ‘The Kind of Thing You Don’t Talk About’ at SipFest

Now through March 14 at Wild Project, various times, various prices

The nature of live theater is that anything can happen at any time. Sometimes this is good, but not always. Spaceman, a high-tech play from Loading Dock Theater about a woman astronaut’s journey to Mars, was supposed to have a run at Wild Project currently, but had to be canceled due to an injury sustained by the lead performer. However, the venue will not be empty. A last-minute festival of original performance works by women and queer artists called Sipfest will run at the Lower East Side venue in its stead. There, you’ll find a solo show digging into how we discuss sexual assault, drag performances, femme ballads, a play inspired by the fanfiction epic My Immortal, and more.


(flyer via Lee VaLone Drag / facebook)

I Love Living In The City! A Punk Drag Tribute To Sesame Street
Thursday, March 8 at Friends and Lovers, 8 pm: $10

There has been quite a bit of discourse surrounding the world of drag as of late, particularly in light of RuPaul’s recent Guardian interview where he stated that trans and cis women were not welcome as drag performers on Drag Race. Since then, the non cis male members of the drag community and their allies reacted swiftly, proclaiming the validity of their art and identity. But what better way to experience these performers than seeing them actually do their thing onstage? Tonight, not only will you have the chance to see drag, but punk drag inspired by none other than Sesame Street, featuring local luminaries like Merrie Cherry, Lee VaLone, and many others. Truly, I do not know what else can I say about such a show other than it will surely be wacky and unforgettable.


(image via Artists Space / Facebook)

Not This
Friday, March 9 at Artists Space, 7 pm: $5

Cryptocurrency is definitely all the rage lately, but I must admit it still just makes me think of tech bros and other annoying entities. However, if you want to expand your knowledge of the discourse around these strangely-named forms of money, pay a visit to Tribeca’s Artists Space on Friday to see a new “performance essay” by Devin Kenny. The performance deals with cryptocurrency, yes, but it also explores topics and concerns related to identity, Blackness, the prison-industrial complex, technology and more, so you’ll know that it’s not just those bland white tech bros talking about crypto. Yes, I know calling it “crypto” is apparently a giveaway that you don’t know what you’re talking about (I don’t tbh), but I liked the rhyme it made. And if you can’t make the performance, Kenny is also hosting a workshop by Casey Silverstein on March 13 on “diversifying the crypto demographic,” delving into both cryptocurrency and cryptography.


(flyer via ReelAbilities Film Festival / Facebook)

ReelAbilities Comedy Night
Saturday, March 10 at DCTV, 8 pm: $5

Let’s face it. When you think “comedy show,” the words “welcoming of disabled people and hosted in an accessible venue” usually aren’t quick to follow. But that’s not always the case, especially not this Saturday, when the ReelAbilities Film Festival hosts a night of stand-up comedy featuring a lineup of performers with physical and mental disabilities in a venue that’s totally accessible. Perhaps the most notable name on the list of performers is Danny Woodburn, of Seinfeld fame; the rest of the lineup is riddled with rising stars you’d be wise to get to know. Even if you don’t make it to this show, let it serve as a reminder that disabled comedians and accessible spaces exist, and you should take both into consideration when doing shows of your own.