Between touring The Room and promoting James Franco’s making-of-The-Room movie, The Disaster Artist, Tommy Wiseau probably hasn’t had much time to toss the ol’ football around. The international man of mystery is just days away from releasing his second feature, Best F(r)iends, out March 30And yet, not content to be a cult hero with the “How Did This Get Made?” crowd, he has somehow found the time to audition for the next Batman spinoff.

Hey, why not? If Todd Phillips can go from making a scrappy documentary about GG Allin to directing the Scorsese-produced Joker Origin series, why can’t it star the guy who took three hours and 32 takes to say, “Oh hi, Mark!”

Last month, Wiseau threw his hat in the ring after reports surfaced that Phillips was in talks with Joaquin Phoenix for the title role. Now the folks at Nerdist Presents have helped him create an audition tape, complete with lines from the Batman series and a cameo from his best f(r)iend Greg Sestero.

At the end, Wiseau says he’ll see you at screenings of The Room. Now that Landmark has closed the Sunshine in the face of development, midnight screenings of the film have moved up to the chain’s new theater at 57th Street. The next one is this Saturday, March 17.