It would’ve been fitting if Brooklyn band Bethlehem Steel had played Brooklyn venue Brooklyn Steel, but they’re not quite that big yet. Instead, they’re playing a show at Baby’s All Right tonight. The good news is, the gig is part of the Doc Martens Presents series, so it’s free, baby!

With their chunky, overdriven riffs and vocals that range from Cat Power to Kim Deal in the space of a few bars, Bethlehem Steel has been compared to Pixies and Weezer, although it’s safe to say Rivers Cuomo has never written anything along the lines of “The only people who have truly made me feel uncomfortable are middle-aged white men.” That’s all Bethlehem Steel singer-guitarist Rebecca Ryskalczyk.

The band released its first LP, Party Naked Forever (no relationship to Nude Party, which played the Dr. Martens series last week) back in November, and just released a video for the song “Finger It Out.” Shot by bassist Patrick Ronayne, it’s a tour diary of sorts, and gives you an idea of what to expect at Baby’s tonight, after Ex-Girlfriends and Twiga open. Maybe bring earplugs. “Bethlehem Steel is loud,” The Deli has said. “The band’s music commands the room with intensity and force.”

If you miss tonight’s show, they’ll be back at Silent Barn on March 3, when they play with Peaer, Strange Ranger, and Rock Solid. Their spring tour will take them to Ryskalczyk’s native Buffalo, to SXSW, and back to NYC, via a show at Ridgewood venue The Footlight on March 22.