If you saw Phantom Thread at the ArcLight Hollywood, you would’ve seen some of the exquisite dresses designed by Mr. Woodcock, the mercurial tailor played by Daniel Day Lewis; they were on display in a glass case, in the lobby. But this is even cooler. Brooklyn Academy of Music is hosting a special screening of the Oscar-nominated Paul Thomas Anderson film where the score will be performed live by Wordless Music Orchestra along with principals from London Contemporary Orchestra, which recorded the soundtrack. The first show has sold out, but a second one, on Feb. 25, has just been added.

This isn’t the first time the Wordless Music Orchestra has tackled a score by composer and Radiohead guitarist-keyboardist Jonny Greenwood. They accompanied There Will Be Blood, another Paul Thomas Anderson film, at United Palace a few years ago (more recently, in April, they performed the score to Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon at Kings Theatre.) As with There Will Be Blood, Phantom Thread‘s score, recorded with a 60-piece orchestra, “feels like another main character or storytelling voice in the film,” per Spin, which called it “among the finest and most ambitious music” Greenwood has produced.

Fitting, then, that it’ll be played live. At $35 to $85, tickets will cost you a smidge more than seeing Phantom Thread at the theaters, but you can save money by sewing a flask into the lining of your jacket.