Courtesy of Warby Parker.

It happens to many a Brooklyn parent: Little Hugo starts having trouble reading the labels at Whole Foods Williamsburg and accidentally picks out an item that has GMOs. Clearly it’s time for a Lyft to the eye doctor, but what if the kids at Forest Explorers start calling him Four Eyes?

No worries, Warby Parker just launched its first line hip enough for your little beanie baby (no, seriously, the promo shots show a kid in a beanie). Warby Parker for Kids features pint-sized versions of six of its popular frames, priced at $95 (including lenses) and available in various colors and two sizes (for ages 4 to 7, and ages 8 and up). The frames are available to order for pickup or delivery at Warby Parker’s local stores, during a pilot period of just a few months.

This is good news for Brooklyn brats. Now when people ask, “Did grandma give you those?” they can spit back, “They’re Warby Parker, idiot!”

Adults, on the other hand, will want to brace for this. It’s going to be hella awkward when the five-year-old across from you on the subway is wearing your same pair of Chamberlains. You may want to make a run to Fabulous Franny’s and splurge on something that screams “THEY’RE NOT WARBYS, OKAY?”