The Landmark Sunshine will close Jan. 21, Deadline has confirmed.

That leaves you with less than two weeks to say goodbye to the onetime vaudeville theater on Houston Street. Hey, at least you can do so in style, by watching a screening of The Room with its director, the one and only Tommy Wiseau.

A cloud formed over The Disaster Artist, which tells the story of Wiseau’s best worst movie ever, after James Franco won a best actor award at the Golden Globes, prompting accusations of sexual misconduct that caused the New York Times to kibosh a scheduled TimesTalk. Franco has said the claims he read on Twitter are “not accurate,” but at this point Tommy Wiseau’s star might just be shining brighter than the award-winning actor who played him. That’s life!

Anyway, as we noted a while back, Wiseau will be introducing a few more showings of The Room before Sunshine ends its midnight screenings of the cult phenomenon and powers down its projectors forever.

This is in addition to tonight’s special screening of The Room at Regal Union Square, complete with extras like Wiseau commercials and the trailer for his and Greg Sestero’s forthcoming film Best F(r)iends. (You can still snag tickets for that here.)

Wiseau will be introducing screenings at Sunshine on Jan. 12, 13, and 14. And rest assured, Franco won’t be around to keep him from talking. You can score tickets here.

As for Sunshine, it definitely has cancer. Back in May, the Post reported that its building was sold to developers for $31.5 million. According to Deadline, the chain’s owners will now turn their attention to their newest theater on West 57th Street, while devastated downtown cinephiles collectively clutch a nightgown to their crotch and sob.