Don’t think that just because Neal Medlyn, aka Champagne Jerry, is chilling in giant champagne jacuzzis and is besties with a Beastie that he’s on a Cardi B “million dollar wedding” level. In his new song, the video for which is out today, the novelty rapper (confesses? brags?) that he makes “30K a year as an artist,” or “$18K after expenses (mostly champagne).”

Presumably very little of that money went toward the video’s production, because it’s hilariously low-rent. (Yes, that’s baby Jordy making a presumably unauthorized cameo when Champagne Jerry brags, “I’m a classic like ‘Dur Dur D’etre Bebe.'”). But, hey, maybe Spike Jonze will direct the next one: “2018 is gonna be my year, for sure this time,” Champagne Jerry promises in an email announcing the video, “because we have a whole raft of new material coming out starting now!!”

For all of his “Fuck it”s and “Suck it”s, Jerry doesn’t say in the video how that 30K will be affected by the new tax bill.