(image courtesy of A Christmas Carol)

A Christmas Carol Year Five: Home For The Holidays
December 14-18 at Pratt Institute’s Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator, 8 pm or 7 pm: $30

Marriages are technically a commitment for life. The team behind this deconstructed, imaginative, and wacky riff on A Christmas Carol directed by Andrew Neisler and told through the story of a fictional couple has chosen something no less ambitious, particularly for live performance: they will perform a version of this show every year, for thirty years. Now, they’re on their fifth year. Things are changing, but they show no signs of slowing down. So, come on down to whatever a “fashion and design accelerator” is and pay this kind couple (Ryann Weir and Andrew Farmer, who also wrote the piece) a visit. Though Farmer was the writer behind the recent series of spooky subway-centric tales, I assume this show will be more seasonal than spine-chilling. Also, it includes unlimited beer and wine.


(image via La MaMa / Facebook)

Gemini Stars / Scorpio Stars
Now through December 17 at La MaMa, 7 pm (Sundays at 2 pm): $25, $20 students/seniors

When the internet is involved, all the world is technically a stage. When this is true, how does it impact a quest to discover one’s own identity? For queer and trans people who have found a digital home through making YouTube videos about their own coming out experiences, the internet can sometimes feel safer than the real world. However, what about those who lack the privilege of a community, or even an internet connection? Set at a holiday party for a group of close-knit IRL friends, Gemini Stars / Scorpio Stars features a variety of stories written by the performers themselves, while also reflecting on the work that still needs to be done.


(image via Joe Castle Baker / Facebook)

An Hour In Gay Hell
Saturday, December 16 at Cloud City, 8 pm: $7-10 suggested donation

What happens in gay hell? In regular hell, I can only assume a bunch of white dudes telling cringeworthy jokes at open mics will follow you around 100% of the time. But in gay hell, it appears to be just Joe Castle Baker and Tessa Skara, with special guests Eudora Peterson and Max Wittert. In a Williamsburg art space. Telling jokes, for a half hour each. So, if you’re finding the weather a little cold, come warm up in hell. Gay hell, that is.


(image via Chase Montavon / Facebook)

Live TV: Live!
Sunday, December 17 at Legion Bar, 10 pm: FREE

Sometimes, TV is live. Sometimes, it’s dead. Sometimes, it’s taped with a studio audience and framed as live even though it is not. In the case of this show, live TV means a group of comedians attempting to reenact episodes of actual television shows, while also doing stand-up sets. This time, Charlie Bardey, Marissa Goldman, Mary Martin, Steven Markow, and host Chase Montavon will take on new Times Square-centric, James Franco-starring show The Deuce, and it’s anyone’s guess what will go down.