(Photo: Razi Syed)

The news of the Grassroots Tavern calling it quits after 42 years struck a nerve among those familiar with the St. Marks refuge. Reactions to our post– shared more than 11,000 times, according to Facebook– demonstrate the sense of community that neighborhood bar-goers attached to the dive.

Former Gothamist food editor Nell Casey’s reaction reflected a common sentiment:

That tweet was liked by New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells, among others.

The Grassroots Tavern, an artifact of the the “old St. Marks,” held a special place in the hearts of many NYU students and East Village residents, some of whom had met significant others or new friends while drinking beer on tap at the watering hole. CNBC producer Rebecca Ungarino tweeted that she and her mother both had memories at the bar. She later shared a screenshot of a text-message conversation in which her mother made plans to visit the bar once more before it closes at the end of this month.

Sara Clemens was one of several who used the opportunity to make New Year’s Eve plans. “Fate has declared our New Year’s Eve plans, it seems,” Sara wrote on Facebook, adding that she planned on “giving this stalwart institution the farewell it deserves.”

Others touched on their concern with gentrification and rising rents snuffing out neighborhood icons.

Aaron Schultz wrote on Facebook, “The Grassroots embodies everything a quality dive should…veteran bartenders with great stories, ultra cheap beers, a gaggle of locals who get pissed if their spots at the far corner of the bar are taken when they walk in, an actual phone booth with a working payphone that is constantly getting incoming calls, people propping up the bars with their books, their own thoughts, and their rowdy ass friends.”

He added, “Who’s down for one last toast next week?”

Grady Hendrix, author and co-founder of the Asian Film Festival, also paid tribute:

Others noted a pattern of recent closing announcements:

The bar’s last day will be Dec. 31.