When Amy Sedaris appeared at the Tribeca TV Fest to promote her new show At Home With Amy Sedaris, she spent a lot of time talking about her side gig, making quirky crafts that she sells at events. For instance: the Dum Dums lighters that she sold at Greenwich Letter Press, where she once filled out Valentine’s Day cards for total strangers (the Village gift shop still carries her V-Day greeting card).

Sedaris makes her share of wacky appearances– last time we saw her, she was giving away motel art. But how often does she team up with designer Todd Oldham to wrap your gift? This Thursday, Dec. 7, at 6pm, she’ll be at Fishs Eddy (889 Broadway at 19th Street) to professionally wrap any kooky kitchenware you buy there. Note that on the poster, “professionally” is in quotes, so don’t be surprised if she makes a mess of things. Have you seen her ice-cream-stuffed angel food cake? Let’s just say it’s more Jerri Blank than Martha Stewart.