Tommy Wiseau. (Photo: Daniel Maurer)

I gotta tell you something. It’s about The Disaster Artist.

In case you didn’t see the billboard, James Franco’s adaptation of Greg Sistero’s tell-all book about the making of The Room opens Nov. 30 at Regal Union Square, and it promises to be the best movie ever made about the best worst movie ever made. The trailers are out, and Franco does a pretty decent job channeling Tommy Wiseau, the international man of mystery who poured millions of dollars of his own money into a film that ended up serving as target practice for spoon throwers.

If you feel like you’re sitting on an atomic bomb waiting to go off, here’s something to tide you over until the movie comes out. James Franco has curated a series of films that nod to the influences behind The Room and The Disaster Artist, and they’re playing at Alamo Drafthouse all month. There’s Streetcar Named Desire (Wiseau once did a waaaaay-over-the-top version of the “Stella” scene during an acting class), Rebel Without a Cause (Wiseau lifted the infamous “you are tearing me apart” line from a certain scene in the James Dean classic), and The Talented Mr. Ripley (Sistero believes The Room‘s characters were a melange of that film’s). Curiously, Legends of the Fall didn’t make the cut, even though it was after seeing Brad Pitt’s naked butt that Wiseau decided to show his own in The Room. “I need to do it,” Wiseau reportedly told Sistero. “I have to show my ass or this movie won’t sell.”

Alamo’s Nov. 26 and 27 screenings of The Room are sold out, but Nitehawk is screening the cult classic for free, as long as you buy a $10 voucher for food and drinks. The Williamsburg theater just added some showings on Dec. 9 and 10, and you can score tickets here.

Nitehawk will be giving away copies of Sistero’s book, but nothing beats seeing The Room with Wiseau himself. For that, you’ll have to head over to the sadly not-long-for-this-world Landmark Sunshine, where Wiseau will be introducing the film before the January 12, 13, and 14 showings. (Tickets here.) The last time we went to one of these screenings, the director sold us a pair of his Tommy underwear.