When Amy Sedaris previewed an episode of At Home With Amy Sedaris during the Tribeca TV Festival, she and co-creator Paul Dinello mentioned that Cole Escola would be playing a woman “with a shady past.” With the premiere set for tonight at 10:30pm, truTV just released this clip of his appearance, and it’s pretty great.

Sedaris told the crowd at Cinepolis Chelsea last month that she met Escola on the set of Difficult People, in which Escola plays maddening Matthew and Sedaris plays a jaded NYC tour guide, and found him hilarious. The Brooklyn actor is no stranger to drag– if the above clip is any indicator, Chassie Tucker, the “former pastry chef” he plays on At Home With Amy Sedaris is similar to the character he plays in his amazing “mom commercial.” (For more of the same, catch Escola’s one-wo/man show, “Help! I’m Stuck!”, when it returns to Joe’s Pub on Oct. 29th and Nov. 7.)

Sedaris with Nick Kroll. (Photo: KC Bailey/truTV)

As we noted before, Sedaris’s absurdist cooking and crafting show will feature guest appearances by Michael Shannon, Justin Theroux, and Jane Krakowski. Also on deck for the 10-episode first season are some other Difficult People alums, Chris Elliott, John Early, and Rachel Dratch. As you can see from the photo above, Nick Kroll plays Randy Fingerling, a Harvey Weinstein-level creeper who dogs Amy for a “full release” while they bake an ice-cream-stuffed angel food cake. On the same episode, airing Oct. 31, Sedaris’s old Strangers With Candy co-star, Stephen Colbert, plays himself. He also happens to be Amy’s turtle-sitter, who’s working through some past trauma (“I didn’t know the marijuana was laced with PCP!”). Here’s a sneak peek at that cameo:

Sedaris with Stephen Colbert. (Photo: Phil Caruso/truTV)

And another clip, in which Sedaris shows you the proper way to stretch– by “giving special attention to your pubis”: