(Courtesy of Du’s Donuts and Coffee)

Wylie Dufresne is keeping busy these days. Not only has he resurrected his legendary Lower East Side restaurant via a pop-up at the Seaport Food Lab, but his Williamsburg operation, Du’s Donuts and Coffee, is coming to Manhattan.

Du’s is the latest to take over the Chefs Club Counter at 62 Spring Street, and will be there through the fall. On the menu: Eight to 10 rotating donut flavors. (Among those currently being offered at the Williamsburg location, in the William Vale hotel, are espresso cardamom, Mexican hot chocolate, cinnamon apple, and peanut butter with yuzu.) Also in the mix will be Dufresne’s scrambled egg sandwich, which doubles as a grilled cheese, and a Double Berry Ice Cream Sandwich.

As with the Brooklyn location, the cold brew will be courtesy of Brooklyn Roasting Company. If you’re heeding Grub Street’s advice to cool it with cold brew, there will also be coffee milk, a specialty popular in Dufresne’s native Rhode Island, consisting of milk mixed with coffee syrup. Trust: It does the trick.

Other grab-and-go items will debut this fall. In the meantime, the pop-up launches Friday and will be open Monday through Friday from 8am and on the weekends from 9am.