“Whiskey Pants: the Mayor of Williamsburg” (Photo: Ze’ Castle Photography)

Since we first told you about Whiskey Pants: The Mayor of Williamsburg a couple of years ago, Williamsburg has gotten a little less whiskey-soaked. Trash Bar is now a boxing gym, and other healthful endeavors like FlyWheel and Equinox have made a home in the neighborhood where rock-n-roll bowling used to be the primary form of recreation.

Nevertheless, after its premiere at Frigid Festival in 2015, the operetta is now coming to HERE, in the West Village. It’s set in “a post-apocalyptic Williamsburg where people are drinking whiskey all the time just to stay happy,” according to Serrana Gay, who co-wrote the story with Joseph Reese Anderson. It contemplates “the culture of young people in New York” by imagining an outsider who threatens to deprive said youth of their beloved medicant. And no, this isn’t a “Let’s replace Bulleit with a non-controversial bourbon” type situation; we’re talking a genuine whiskey draught.

To read more about the original, you can go here; to buy $35-$50 tickets for the new production, which begins its month-long run on Sept. 28, head over here.