Robert Pattinson channels vintage Pacino in the new Safdie brothers film, Good Time, but let’s face it, the breakout star of the heist-gone-wrong flick is Daniel Lopatin, aka Oneohtrix Point Never. The Brooklyn-based electronic musician’s score, which won Best Soundtrack at Cannes, is Tangerine Dream on steroids, and is a huge part of what propels the work of Queens noir. Now the composer and producer has released a video for “The Pure and Damned,” featuring words and vocals by Iggy Pop.

Much like the poetry Iggy performed at the Tibet House concert, this is a sombre meditation on love and death. The video, directed by the Safdie brothers, eerily merges a digital avatar of Iggy with scenes from the movie. There’s also new footage featuring a taxidermied varmint that recalls the scenes that take place inside of Long Island’s Adventureland amusement park.

Oneohtrix Point Never is no stranger to disconcerting celebrity cameos. A groggy Val Kilmner starred in the video for “Animals,” directed by Rick Alverson of The Comedy and Entertainment.