Hey man, is that LCD Soundsystem? Well, turn it up, man!

It’s no secret everything late ’80s and early ’90s is back in a big way: VHS, Zima, San Junipero, and now: This “official infomercial” for LCD Soundsystem’s excellent new album, American Dream.

In a conversation with Vulture, the band’s frontman, James Murphy, talked about how music hasn’t evolved much in the past 26 years, and it would seem ads for music haven’t either. This makes American Dream feel like something you could buy by taping a penny onto an ad for the Columbia House record club. That’s not the case, but the album is available on cassette.

Be warned: When you listen to it you’re going to want to see LCD live, but their December residency at Brooklyn Steel is sold out. Maybe they’ll do Farm Aid or something.