St. Marks Place just lost Mark Burger, but in true whac-a-mole fashion, another drunk food spot has opened right across the street. Cheers Cut, an international chain born in Taiwan’s LuoDong Night Market, has opened at 36 St. Marks.

True to its motto of “fried madness” and “bigger than bigger!”, Cheers Cut specializes in giant cuts like the 12-ounce chicken filet that draws lines to its location in Flushing’s New World Mall (it also has an outpost in Elmhurst). According to the menu, the chicken is marinated and then fried at an “ultra low temperature” for tenderness. The squid is imported from Taiwan and also comes in a “giant” portion that’s something akin to calamari on steroids.

Even the drinks portions are massive. As you can see here, the super-sweet iced tea comes with two entire limes.

Not everything is fried here. There are also grilled teriyaki skewers. Here’s a look at the menu.

Cheers Cut, 36 St. Marks Pl., bet. 2nd and 3rd Avenues; 646-559-0943.