Most of New York City’s remaining pay phones are just there to be pissed on, but this one is for people who are pissed off. The Standard, High Line has installed a custom phone booth that connects users with their local elected officials. Ring Your Rep, as the project is called, can now be found on the hotel’s plaza, in the Meatpacking District. That’s right, the Meatpacking District. Just imagine how many “u up?” calls Chucky Schumer is about to get.

No, but seriously, The Standard is doing this because they want to “support positive, productive activism,” according to their announcement. And they couldn’t have made it easier to reach members of Congress: “Simply lift the receiver, and you’ll be connected. Punch in your zipcode, choose the rep to whom you wish to speak, and leave your message.” They’re even providing a mad-libs-style script, for people who are too wasted indignant to coherently express their outrage over the latest affront to common decency.

Just, please, don’t use this phone to dial Rep. Carolyn Maloney because your boyfriend left you at the bar and your cell is dead and you really need to vent for a minute.