(flyer via Paradice Palase)

Body Farm
Opening Thursday, August 24 at Paradice Palase, 4 pm to 9 pm. One night only.

Ok, to ease your nerves (or disappoint you), this isn’t an exhibition of an actual body farm. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, body farms are decomposition research facilities. So then, what is this Body Farm? It’s a one-night-only pop-up exhibition being put on by Paradice Palase, a Brooklyn space that “believes in a community-supported gallery model and getting artists paid for their efforts.” TBH, really all you have to say is that this is an organization that cares about paying artists and that would make their show worth going to. Plus, there seems to be a neon pineapple sign involved, which sounds fun.

If that’s not enough for you, a little about the art: there’ll be installations, video, and mixed media pieces. One of these is described as a “collective sculpture,” created by Yefeng Frank Wang and Yaloo, but “open to the public for editing.” If you’ve ever yearned to touch the art, perhaps this could be the time, since, after all, this isn’t an actual body farm… At least, I don’t think.


Plus One
Opening Thursday, August 24 at 219 Madison Street, 6 pm to 9 pm. On view through September 5.

Typically when you are invited to bring a plus one, it means you’re bringing a friend or partner to a party, screening, open bar event, wedding, or some other social or cultural happening. More specifically, you and your plus one are typically invited to attend an event. But not always—this Dada-inspired art exhibition in Chinatown has gathered a roster of artists to show work, but has also asked everyone to bring along one or two other artists as their creative “plus ones.”

What makes this exhibition more intriguing than a typical group show is the agency granted to each individual artist. Yes, it’s a curated show, but the curator had no power over who the artists brought as their plus ones, what their artistic output looks like, and if it works with the rest of the show. Just as an event organizer never knows if their guests will bring along perfectly behaved saints or ribald rabble-rousers, no one quite knows what will be collectively gracing this gallery’s walls come Thursday. Not even the curator.

(flyer via Catland / Facebook)

Femme Fatale: A Radical Gallery
Opening Saturday, August 26 at Catland, 6 pm to 9 pm.

The concepts of “womanhood” and “femininity,” what these terms mean, and who qualifies to use or embody them have been the subject of longtime debate. However, fairly new to the lexicon is the prevalent use of “femme” to describe femininity in a way less tied to formal notions of gender; it’s now commons to hear mentions of “women and femmes” instead of just the former.

Femme Fatale: A Radical Gallery seeks to dig once more into this age-old inquiry of what makes a woman, or in this case, what also makes a “femme.” Located at woman-owned Bushwick occult bookstore and event space Catland, the show has invited creative individuals from all walks of life and artistic discipline to prove, as we always must again and again, that “femme” can mean anything and everything those who claim the title say it does.

(flyer via Emily Mun / Facebook)

Sad & Asian Art Show
Opening Saturday, August 26 at Abrons Arts Center Studio 201, 6 pm to 9 pm.

Though Abrons Arts Center regularly curates art exhibitions in its lobby galleries, this particular show is happening on the second floor of the venue, within a smaller room labeled Studio 201. Though this location is more modest, it by no means points to a less “worthy” show: the Sad & Asian Art Show seeks to illuminate Asian-American experiences through creative work, showcasing the members of Sad & Asian, an online community for women and gender non-conforming individuals who identify as Asian.

All this art will be shown for a good cause, too: Donations will be collected at the door to benefit Mekong NYC, a Bronx-based organization focused on community organizing and social services improvement for the borough’s Southeast Asian community.