Remember how insane Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” video was when it debuted in 1991? To get an idea of just how trippy those morphing effects were, you’d have to go to your local theater where Terminator 2 has just been rereleased in 3D format. (“A mimetic polyalloy. Liquid metal.” Ohhhhh, snap.)

Anyway, it’s been a while since a video as mind-blowing as “Black or White” was released, but Mac DeMarco is trying his hardest with the new VR video for “This Old Dog,” off of his album of the same name. After releasing a video for “One Another” that was super lo-fi (it was filmed at his new home in LA, in fact), the former Rockaway Beach bae is going to the other extreme. The new video, part of a partnership between Pitchfork and the VR-viewing Inception app, kicks off with a flying bed ride (kind of like Little Nemo, except the bed has a pug head???) and ends in a sort of M.C. Escher universe. There are also water scenes, and they’re a smidge more psychedelic than +Pool’s recently released VR video.

Check out the 360 video here or tap into the full VR experience here.