NYC Ferry service to Astoria launched yesterday, leaving the city’s early adopters and ferry fanatics looking for an excuse to ride the waves to Queens. Sure, there’s the Beer Garden at Bohemia Hall, but its Oktoberfest pig roast isn’t until Sept. 23. Enter Socrates Sculpture Park, just a 10-minute walk from the new ferry landing, which is near the intersection of Vernon Blvd and 30th Road.

Tonight at the park, the long-running Outdoor Cinema festival concludes its summer run with a free preview screening of The Challenge, a film by Italian artist Yuri Ancarani that follows Qatari sheikhs into the desert one weekend as they practice the humble arts of falconry and dune racing. The impressionistic work, which opens Sept. 8 at Film Society of Lincoln Center, has been compared to Matthew Barney; one look at the trailer above and you’ll see why. Needless to say, this isn’t a traditional doc, so don’t expect to learn all that much about the art of hunting pigeons with falcons. But if you’re mind was blown by that viral photo of falcons on a plane, this will probably be a good 70 minutes of entertainment.

The flick is programmed by Rooftop Films, who took us on some pretty crazy car rides earlier this summer, and this looks just as wild– apparently one of the film’s protagonists likes to let his pet cheetah ride shotgun in his Ferrari. Will all the desert racing be anywhere near as badass as M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls” video? Only one way to find out.

The sundown screening will be preceded, at 7pm, with a performance of Arabic music by Simon Moushabeck and Brian Prunka, percussionist and oud player for the Brooklyn-based Middle Eastern band Sharq Attack, and Samer Ali of Syrian classical music outfit Takht Al-Nagham.

Will food be served? If past experience is any indicator, there will be hawkers.