Even Barbie is snapping out of her dream world and mobilizing against Trumpism. During the past several months, comedian and “World Champion” Judah Friedlander, of 30 Rock fame, has been taking this woke Barbie to protests. “If the only people protesting are the ones who are the direct victims of injustice,” Activist Barbie explains in her Insta bio, “then progress will either never happen or will take much longer.” She was back in action this weekend, during anti-Trump, anti-racism marches that took over the streets of Manhattan. Today, she’s at the UN and Trump World Tower, rallying against war with North Korea.

Activist Barbie went to her first action back in September, after an awkward talk with Ken.

From there, it was off to a Black Lives Matter protest in Union Square, in the wake of the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina.

A month before the election, she was seen resisting Trump.


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After he was elected, she made an appearance at the Women’s March in NYC:

Protesting is more fullung than shopping. #womensmarchnyc #womensmarch

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Judging from her other signs, Activist Barbie is against fracking, big banks, the prison industrial complex, and Trump’s immigration policies. Is it safe to assume she’s a Bernie Barb?

I think mexican guys & muslim guys are cute. #CAIRforall #NoBanNoWall @CAIRnewyork

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And yes, she now prefers protesting to shopping and brunch. It’s uncertain whether she’s traded in the pink convertible for a hybrid.

Not everyone is on board with Activist Barbie. In response to the above Insta, one commenter accused her of fetishizing Muslims and Mexicans.

“You’re talking to a doll,” another pointed out.