(Photos: Daniel Maurer)

Ice cream sandwiches are officially a trend in the East Village. Just days after Gelarto’s opening, Stuffed Ice Cream is serving up what they call “cruffs”— a word combining ice “cream” and “stuffed.” The specialty here? Glazed donuts that are made in-house, stuffed with homemade ice cream, heated up before serving so that the donut is warm while the ice cream remains cold, and encrusted with the topping of your choice.

The new parlor at 139 First Avenue is right next door to Davey’s Ice Cream, and spitting distance from other nouveau ice cream spots like Snowdays and 10Below. But owners Alan Yaung and Jackie Luu, who are both just a couple of years out of college, feel there’s room for another dessert spot in the East Village. “Honestly, I drink a lot here, there’s a lot of bars here and the nightlife is pretty wild,” Yaung said, explaining why the East Village, with its “good vibes,” was his first choice.

Yaung and Luu were inspired by West Coast phenomenon Afters Ice Cream, and they too offer a Vietnamese coffee flavor. Others include Thai iced tea, Rocky Road, white chocolate lavender, blueberry cheesecake, and Rice Krispies. Among the toppings are gummy bears, mochi, and toasted coconut; the “drizzle” options are condensed milk, caramel, and chocolate syrup.

Rest assured wet wipes are available at the counter, but if cruffs are just way too messy for you, you can also get a scoop or three in a Konery cone—options include blue corn, birthday cake, and red velvet. The owners hope to add ice cream cake and seasonal flavors to the menu down the road.