It’s been nearly a month since Cup and Saucer went dark after over 75 years, but someone is basking in the diner’s old-school charm today. Specifically, a film crew. That’s right, the vultures location scouts have descended on the Chinatown diner and a new Netflix series is being filmed there. There isn’t much out there about Ronald, but a casting call for a September shoot indicates that the producers, Paramount Television, are looking for “Chinese shop workers,” a “Caucasian female toddler,” and “Japanese lab workers (scientists, doctors, assistants, etc.).”

When we heard that a Netflix series titled Ronald was in the works, we hoped it would be a spinoff of Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, focusing on Michael Showalter’s pee-happy Ronald Reagan. But conservative bloggers needn’t feel triggered— the header on this filming notice doesn’t look too much like the Gipper’s signature: