Credit: Douglaston Development.

Move over, rainbow bagels.

Deborah Kass‘s iconic OY/YO sculpture made its triumphant return to Brooklyn two weeks ago, and it’s proving irresistible Insta bait.

The sculpture — which reads YO (“I am” in Spanish) or OY (as in the Yiddish “oy vey”) depending which way one faces it — was previously installed in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Now, a year later, it’s back — this time at the Williamsburg waterfront at the end of N. 5th Street.

The photogenic sculpture’s popularity on social media has created an unintentional competition of sorts between YO and OY. Currently OY has the edge, according to my tally. Either way, the installation — like the endlessly tourist-popular AMSTERDAM sculpture in Holland — seems to be a natural photo opp and therefore Instagram darling.

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The piece was originally commissioned by Two Trees realty corporation. Its new location is on the N. 5th Street esplanade built by Douglaston Development in cooperation with New York City’s parks agency and city planning commission. “OY/YO” will be in that location till July 2018.

The installation is the best-known work by Kass, a Brooklyn-based artist fond of riffing on postwar pop art.