Instagram: TheBedfordNYC.

Important news for decadent foodies, millenarians, and doomsday preppers: the latest sign of the impending apocalypse has come to pass. Following on the heels of Burger King’s “mac-n-Cheetos,” we now have another ungodly Doctor Moreau-style mac-n-cheese cross-over dish: the mac-n-cheese burger. And, just like the mac-n-cheese bagel, this grotesque beast was created right here in New York.

Williamsburg’s The Bedford is fond of these gonzo food undertakings. Earlier this year they announced a cheeseburger crossed with a Scotch egg. That Faustian experiment — combining a hamburger with the famously caloric Scottish hardboiled egg concoction — apparently wasn’t enough. Now The Bedford is raising the ante — on itself. Notably, the burger’s “buns” are actually mac-n-cheese encased in breading.

May God have mercy on our souls. Bon appetit, you sick bastards.