We’re going to go ahead and move you over to McCarren Park, because Office Space is screening there Wednesday, mmkay?

Back when we unveiled the posters for SummerScreen, we knew Office Space would be one of this year’s highlights, but the folks who program the outdoor movies in Williamsburg are really busting out the flair for this one. Among other things, there’ll be printer piñatas on hand so you can go HAM on them, hopefully while listening to Geto Boys. Here’s the rundown from SummerScreen. Damn, it feels good to be a hipster.

Yeeeahhh, we’re gonna need you to go ahead and come in tomorrow. To McCarren Park, that is, to catch cult classic Office Space at SummerScreen! Our friends from WeWork will have an outdoor office space set up (including office space for dogs- just like the WeWork offices!) along with some printer piñatas for those of you who need to let out from frustration from the work day! And don’t forget to wear your flair to the park—fifteen pieces is the bare minimum, but it’s up to you if you want to express yourself with more.

As usual, we’ll be kicking off the evening with a live performance presented by TIDAL x SummerScreen. This week, gobbinjr will take to the TIDAL Rising Stage at 7:30. They’re no Michael Bolton, but we think you’ll like them all the same.

Even if your desk was moved to the basement, you can still get a good seat for the show: SHOWTIME® will be giving out free chairs (while supplies last) when you sign up for an extended 30–Day Free Trial using promo code SUMMERSCREEN at SHOWTIME.com!

And in case your case of the Mondays has lasted all week, we recommend treating yourself to some Sixpoint! Our bar will be fully stocked with Sixpoint: Crisp, Sweet Action and Bengali. Luckily, our other local vendors don’t have much in common with Chotchkie’s…but they do have the atmosphere and the attitude (and the goods) to satisfy all of your food & drink needs.

So tomorrow, do the usual: stare at your desk and get that fifteen minutes of real, actual work done. Forget the covers on your TPS reports. Bash up your most difficult office printer. And then, gather up your friends, co-workers, pets, and staplers, and head on over to SummerScreen!

Doors are at 6pm, music at 7:30, and the movie starts at sundown.