Alejandro Jodorowsky’s biographical film, Endless Poetry, opened last Friday at the Landmark Sunshine and did enough business to top that weekend’s specialty box office rankings. Now it’s opening wider, and you can see it at Alamo Drafthouse as of tonight.

That’s good news, because a good chunk of the film, which chronicles the Chilean auteur’s coming-of-age as an aspiring poet in Santiago, takes place in an after-hours bar, where he meets a flame-haired, firebrand poetess with a penchant for chugging two-liter glasses of beer. It’s uncertain whether Alamo will be serving its beer in steins, but it should be an appropriate enough place to follow along– regardless of all the trash that the dirtbag leftists over at Chapo Trap House talked about the dine-in chain during a recent episode of that podcast.

Then again, maybe wine is the way to go. During our conversation with him, Jodo told us that when he grew up in Chile, “wine was cheaper than the milk,” and “all the people were drunk.” You can read more of that here.