(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Last time I saw a shoot in Tompkins Square Park, Alia Shawkat and Rosie Perez were doing a scene for Search Party. How can you beat Alia and Rosie? Well, with Ernie and Bert, that’s how. As I type this, Chrysler is filming an ad for its Pacifica minivan and the stars of Sesame Street are on the scene. They just shot a scene where Ernie and Bert are in the cab, talking to Elmo in the back. Elmo is getting stage instructions like: “You can do it, Elmo!”

Here’s the dude who gets to spend a 95-degree day with his arm up Bert’s hindside:

Big Bird has also been around during the two days of the three-day shoot, judging by these Instagram shots:

the illusion is shattered and so are my dreams

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Sesame street scene

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And at last the humble student meets the furry master.

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Sesame Street hanging out at local park ❤️

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Meanwhile, Oscar the Grouch is hanging back on St. Marks Place, on the back of this truck parked across from the old Trash and Vaudeville space. I’m guessing Oscar was looking for trash, not vaudeville.