(image via Idio Gallery / Facebook)

Radical Hospitality
Opening Thursday, June 15 at IDIO Gallery, 6pm. On view through July 15.

“Art is my life,” you’ve probably heard so many people proclaim. But rarely does it ring true in quite so literal a sense as this exhibition at Idio Gallery, in which “radical hospitality” means the East Williamsburg art space will be open from sun-up till sundown for 30 days in a row, welcome to all for any stretch of time. It’s the culmination of an ongoing exploration of the same name by the gallery’s curator Montana Simone, built partially by research and partially by actual times she experienced the hospitality of others, particularly in locations seen by Westerners as “hostile.”

The gallery won’t merely be open, it’ll be filled with material like carpeted sculptures, video, and instruments for “creative (or destructive) interaction.” So, if you find yourself wandering through the area with nothing to do, pop on over and see what awaits.

Marc Martin, “The 3 Little Pigs”, 2016, digital image, 40 x 60 cm. (Berlin, model A. Gillet) Courtesy of the artist.

Opening Friday, June 16 at Prince Street Project Space, 6 pm to 8 pm. On view through June 18.

Ok, I know it says “Forbidden,” but I assume you won’t be turned away when you show up to this show of erotic gay photography at the Leslie-Lohman Museum’s Prince Street Project Space. Though the show describes itself as “diverse,” I should note that it’s a show focused on male sexuality specifically, so don’t expect to see an incredibly huge range of queerness. However, eroticism and sexuality allows for a pretty large amount of subject matter, so I’m sure there’s going to be some interesting stuff on display. Like these literal pigs pictured above, for example.

It is Pride month after all, so why not spend your time taking in some salacious queer photographic art? It’s a better idea than engaging with all those big companies that use rainbow flags in their advertisements, anyway.

Katrina Majkut (image courtesy of Victori + Mo)

Nasty Stitches
Opening Friday, June 16 at Victori + Mo, 6 pm to 9 pm. On view through July 23.

I will say, I am slightly impressed at how this “Nasty ___” naming trope for things still seems to be as alive as ever, particularly when it comes to art shows. This show gets a little more specific than past “nasty”-titled endeavors, zeroing in on embroidery and and fabric. They’re artistic mediums historically relegated to lower-brow corners of the art world, often dismissed as “craft” as opposed to “art.” Seeing as embroidery and the like are also largely associated with femininity, it’s no surprise that misogyny also plays a role in this categorization.

You could argue that the very act of displaying work of this type in a gallery setting elevates it to a status beyond its disregarded reputation, but Nasty Stitches takes it a notch further. (Or a, uh, stitch further?) All of the work on view by the four participating artists has some sort of political bent to it, touching on themes of healthcare access, reproductive rights, consent, the gender spectrum, and more. There’s nothing like a good dose of art to remind us of all that is currently in jeopardy in America. At least it’ll be nice to look at.

(image via goodgood / Facebook)

GoodGood BangBang
Opening Saturday, June 17 at Bushwick Warehouse Location, 9 pm, one night only.

This is an event for everyone, but if there’s anyone out there interested in show titles that use words twice in a row, you’ll be especially jazzed. Saturday will mark the second art-filled night for gooodgood, a new collective showcasing the work of local emerging artists through creatively-structured live events. Those tired of the old routine of strolling through galleries and engaging only with your eyes will be pleased to know that every component of this exhibition is meant to be actively interacted with. While the list of participating artists has yet to be released, expect fun activities like ball pits, sand sculptures, and balloons. Plus, free drinks, which could be the best form of interactive art out there.