Roxy Cinema. Credit: Roxy Hotel.

Tribeca’s Roxy Hotel has re-launched its much-loved cellar theater Roxy Cinema with new concessions and a big slate of summer programming — including free midnight screenings and events with indie acts like TV Baby and Beach Fossils.

The cinema, which specializes in “first-run, independent, classic, art-house and foreign film, both played on digital and 35mm,” is one of the few locations in New York where you can enjoy good beer, wine, and even champagne during a movie. Cocktails are also reportedly on the way. They’re also beefing up their snacks-and-candy concessions.

In addition to the regular calendar of film screenings, Roxy is adding an ongoing series with a focus on intimate events– some private, some public– with well-known filmmakers and musicians and other creative types. Typically these are a screening then Q + A followed by a DJ set in the bar afterwards. They’ve already had the Black Lips in to talk about their new album and Mick Rock to talk about his documentary Shot! as well as guests like Tommy Hilfiger. Next week they’re doing an event with Beach Fossils on the 21st (rsvp info here) — screening The Fly, their favorite film, and premiering a new music video. Later in the summer will be events with TV Baby, IMG, D.A Pennebaker, and A24, among others.

Other great news: Roxy will now offer free admission to all midnight screenings this summer, plus free student admission. That’s pretty damn good, considering general admission tickets are already only $10 to start with — in this city, a movie ticket price that’s difficult to beat. This month there’s a retrospective in honor of the late, great Jonathan Demme.

Forthcoming midnight screenings this month include Showgirls on the 16th; erotic cult drama 9 1/2 Weeks on the 17th; Crash (the David Cronenberg one, of course) on the 23rd; Bad Lieutenant on the 24th (featuring rampaging Harvey Keitel); and Cruel Intentions on the 30th.

Correction: The original version of this post misidentified the film showing at midnight on June 16. It also mentioned a screening involving Neon Indian but the band hasn’t been officially confirmed.