Logic performing at Governors Ball (Photo: Logic’s Instagram @logic301)

Everyone’s favorite Rubik’s-cube-solving-rapper Logic announced he’ll be headlining Barclay’s Center during his set at Governors Ball last night.

Logic rapped his thought-provoking verses along with a signer for the hearing impaired during his hourlong set. A bulk of his performance included hits from his new album, Everybody, and interacting with audience members – he even shouted out some die-hard fans and had one rap along with him.

While his set was filled with thoughtful interludes, he also admitted there is a time for hoes and partying. It was the perfect setup for headliner Wiz Khalifa, who came out advocating those exact things and began his coveted time slot rapping Bake Sale on a blunt-themed set. The perfect embodiment of work hard, play hard.

(Photo: Logic’s Instagram @logic301)

But back to Logic. His newly added August 8 show at Barclays will be his first time headlining the venue. Tickets were supposed to go on sale today, but pre-sale tickets go on sale tomorrow. So keep a lookout if you want to see the “video-game-playing, married, puppy-lovin’ motherfucker who can rap well” come through our hood.

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