Gone are the summers of Mister Sunday parties at Industry City– nowadays, you can find them over at Nowadays, in Ridgewood. But don’t start penning your “Queens Is the New Brooklyn” trend piece just yet. The folks at Industry City are doing their best to ensure that this summer is fully turnt. On May 20, the sprawling Sunset Park maker hub is launching a fun-packed events series called Summer Spree.

For the occassion, the operators of Chelsea’s ever-mobbed floating bar, The Frying Pan, are opening an offshoot restaurant in one of Industry City’s courtyards. As if that’s not excitement enough, Williamsburg’s boozing-n-bowling venue, Brooklyn Bowl, is chipping in with a concert series, to add to the Rooftop Films screenings also happening there this summer.

We’re told the Frying Pan’s operation will be called The Wheelhouse, since it’s centered around the repurposed wheelhouse of a tugboat that worked out of New York Harbor from 1968 to 1982.

A preview of the space posted to Instagram promises beer, wine, sangria, lobster rolls, and seafood sausages.

This particular effort won’t float and bob, since it’s located on land, but that should make it considerably easier to putt at the Brooklyn-themed mini golf course.

The folks over at Recess New York, who designed the 9-hole course, posted a photo of it in progress and, yes, there’s a water tower involved.

They’ve also been working on an indoor ping-pong “arena.”

Pretty much the only thing missing here is bowling, and while Brooklyn Bowl won’t be bringing any pins or balls, they will be programming a summer concert series.

Sunset Sounds at Industry City, as the series is being called, will bring a yet-to-be-announced lineup of free and ticketed shows to courtyard 1/2 on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, starting June 7.

To add to all of this, Williamsburg cooking hub The Brooklyn Kitchen announced today that it will open a new teaching kitchen in Industry City in early July. The Brooklyn Kitchen Popover will hold classes daily during the week and twice a day on Saturdays and Sundays.

There’s even more in the works, too. Stay on top of all the happenings here.